Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boris Johnson and Darius Guppy: transcript

I have just been reminded by Andy Mabbett that a transcript of this recording would be useful for those who are hard of hearing. It appears below:

Guppy: Boris, have you got this number?

Johnson: [inaudible] look, there is a guy at the moment, going through...

Guppy: You're brilliant.

Johnson: ... files at home

Guppy: Fantastic. But I am telling you something, Boris. This guy has got my blood up, alright? And there is nothing which I won't do to get my revenge. It's as simple as that.

Johnson: How badly are you going to hurt this guy?

Guppy: Not badly at all.

Johnson: I really, I want to know ...

Guppy: Look, let me explain to you...

Johnson: If this guy [see/sues?] me I will be fucking furious.

Guppy: I guarantee you he will not be seriously hurt.

Johnson: How badly will he ...

Guppy, interrupting: He will not have a broken limb or broken arm, he will not be put into intensive care or anything like that. He will probably get a couple of black eyes and a ... a cracked rib or something.

Johnson: Cracked rib?

Guppy: Nothing which you didn't suffer at rugby, OK? But he'll get scared and that's what I want ... I want him to get scared, I want him to have no idea who's behind it, OK?

Johnson: If I get trouble, if I get...

Guppy: You will not, Boris. I swear to you. If you...

Johnson: [unaudible bluster]... I got this bloody number for you. OK, Darrie. I said I'd do it. I'll do it. Don't worry.

Guppy: Boris, I mean it; I really love you.

More details from this same conversation are available here, including this nugget not included in the published audio:

Guppy: But Boris there's absolutely no ******* proof: you just deny it. I mean, there's no proof at all.

Johnson: Well yeah...

Guppy: I mean, you know, big deal. You're sitting in Brussels and the day it happens you're in Brussels, it's as simple as that.

By now you may have noticed that Boris Johnson's primary concern is that his role in this planned assault will be discovered. Also, just in case there is any doubt about the nature of the information he promises Guppy, here is a fuller transcript of the tail end of the conversation, where he promises to deliver both the phone number and address of the man Darius Guppy plans to have beaten in a revenge attack:

Guppy: Well do it discreetly. I ... if it's in any way going to look suspicious. That's all I require – just the address: the address and the phone number ... all right? Now I guarantee you, you have nothing to worry about. [Slowly, emphatically] Believe me. All right? You have my personal guarantee. I've never let you down, all right?

Johnson: OK Darrie, I said I'll do it and I'll do it. Don't worry.

Guppy: Boris, I really mean it, I love you and I will owe you this, all right? And I'm a man who keeps my word.

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  1. This conversation should be plastered on the side of buses.