Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Listen to your mayor and leave a message


Once upon a time I produced the weblog of Boris Johnson, and like a lot of people, I gave Boris the benefit of the doubt on many things because of his quick wit and disarming manner.

I've only recently learned what Boris Johnson is capable of turning a blind eye to, and it has caused me to view the Daris Guppy affair in a whole new light. I have therefore decided to share the audio of this 1990 phone call with as many Londoners as possible.

You can help by clicking the image below, then printing, cutting and displaying the result at your office or workplace.

As you can see, the poster invites Londoners to call (0207) 0963708 to listen to their mayor... and even leave a message if they like. Selected messages left by the public will then be published on this blog for the purposes of edumusement.

(Image used with the gracious permission of Hack cartoons.)

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